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The history of the diamond tennis bracelet

There are few pieces of jewellery that have skyrocketed in popularity and managed to remain so coveted in the same way as a diamond tennis bracelet.

Interestingly, this piece of jewellery ? a timeless, thin bracelet with diamonds embedded in it ? was much loved even before it received its classic name. Once it became known as the ?tennis bracelet?, its popularity only increased.

So how did the tennis bracelet get its name?

Legend has it that in the late 1980s, during the US Open tennis championship, the World No. 1 player Chris Evert suddenly stopped her match. Her elegant, light, in-line diamond bracelet had broken during play and the match had to be halted so she could gather up all the diamonds that had scattered onto the court. From then on, it was known as a tennis bracelet.

You certainly don?t have to be a tennis player to wear the bracelet, but it is a cute nickname!

In fact we wouldn?t recommend that you wear these bracelets while playing tennis, or any other sport for that matter, as you run the risk of losing or damaging them!

A diamond tennis bracelet is essentially a delicate bracelet with a row of diamonds embedded on the surface. The bracelet can be made of yellow gold, white gold, platinum or silver, and the diamonds can be in different cuts and qualities.

The majority of women wear them as fashion pieces and they are designed to look great with just about any outfit. They add a stunning accent to a special outfit or even to your daily wear. The tennis bracelet is such a fine piece of jewellery and a classic accessory that will enhance your sophisticated look. Their thin design can look dainty on the wrist and they are of course, completely covered with a ring of diamonds, which women typically love!